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Discover how we can help you to get the best out of your bathroom renovation.

Before you get started

When we're talking resale value, the bathroom is a close second to the kitchen as the most important room in the house. While bathroom designs used to be all about functionality, these days we are not just designing and renovating our bathroom with function or practicality in mind. The purpose of the bathroom has shifted; it has become a place to relax and pamper and this newfound purpose calls for a space that is both practical and stylish.

Getting every aspect of your bathroom design perfect can be deceptively tricky because it includes consideration of several fixtures and fittings in what is quite often a very compact space. Quite often, you may also choose to renovate an ensuite or powder room in which case it is paramount to work with a team that are well-versed in combating issues that may arise from a lack of space or more complex design or demolition work.

Our team of professionals at Select Residential Solutions will conduct a thorough inspection of the room you'd like to renovate, assist with planning and supervise trades to ensure a thorough checklist is followed at every step of the process. The result? You will be rewarded with a finished bathroom that you can be proud of and that will undoubtably become a favourite room in your home.

What to consider before your bathroom renovation

Making the most of your space

In most homes, the amount of bathroom space available is limited. Think about your current bathroom and how it relates to your needs, then think about the areas you wish you could improve (but be realistic about your available space). If you're not sure whether you can accomplish what you are after with the space you have, we can help.

Our team offer a FREE site visit and measure as part of the initial consultation. All the findings from this step are taken into account so that we can provide you with the best design options that will ensure a space that is functional and beautiful. All of this is done before your quote is prepared - so you can rest easy knowing there won't be any surprise budget blowouts.

Choosing your design style

When choosing a design style, the options can get overwhelming. It's important to ensure you select a style early in the process as this will help narrow down the choice of fittings to consider. Our team of design experts are well-versed in the latest design trends and can work with you to choose a style that will complement the rest of your home and tick the ‘dream bathroom’ boxes you will want for your new space.

When browsing for inspiration, it's great to lean on Instagram and Pinterest but you should also consider hotels (particularly boutique ones) for looks you love. Try to bring together a visual checklist of what appeals to you, whether that’s an Eastern-Zen look, or something more Scandi-inspired. This will really help formulate your ideas for the look, as it's easier to show someone a mood board to express your vision.

Once we have established the ‘look’ you are wanting we can bring it all together with your design and product selections in our showroom.

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MM bathroom renocation finish

Finding your signature style

There’s an abundance of options, each with their own distinctive elements. From classic to modern, minimal to elaborate, you’re bound to find the perfect style to suit your taste. These will include your preference for Shower Screen, bath type, plumbing fitting – shape and colour, as well as the vanity design, mirror size and shape and of course the Tiles.

Please don’t be overwhelmed with all the choices you have to make. This is what we do every day and we love helping our clients create their dream bathroom with minimal fuss on their part and by leaving the rest to us.

Selecting your bathroom tiles

Our Designer Showroom has a large range of wall, floor and feature tiles to suit any personality and design aesthetic. Our team of design experts will walk you through the showroom at your leisure, helping you to work through a checklist to select the perfect tiles for your new space.

  1. Select your must-have, 'statement' tile.
  2. Select your tiling mix, making an effort not to select more than three variations.
  3. Stick to just one show stopper and make sure the remainder are complimentary and don't take away the focus.
  4. Consider maintenance and scale.
colours and Materials 2

Don't forget about storage!

Storage is the key to a successful bathroom – toiletries never display well and no one likes the look of too many bottles piled in and around the shower area. These are common sources of clutter in any bathroom, but thankfully, can all be cleverly resolved when selecting your vanity, mirror cabinet, tall boy, niche, shelf or nib wall in the shower or over the bath.

Stylish and functional storage solutions are crucial when designing the perfect bathroom and must be complimented by the right lighting choice.

Although correct lighting is often an oversight when it comes to bathroom renovations, our team will help you with a lighting design and plan for your new bathroom to ensure it is well-lit and all the best features are showcased year-round.


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